mercoledì 31 ottobre 2007

Le sedie

Sedia Primavera
Sedia Cacao
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  1. Hi, I just stepped by your blog, while I was searching blogger for people who love felt as much as I do.

    I really love your chairs! They are special.

    Now I go check out your other entries, tnx for showing,

  2. Hello Colette, thank you very much for your compliments. You are the first person who look in my blog. I am happy for this.
    Thak you.

  3. You are welcome, I really liked it!
    I'm quite new to blogger, I wonder if you can see that I have a feltro-blog, too. It is named,(vilt means feltro in dutch) If you like it you can visit me too!
    bye, Colette


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